Yesterday I ate too much pizza and today I can feel it. I’m feeling tired, bloated, and unhappy.

    Obviously, that’s not how I intended to make myself feel. Deep down I knew better, but in that tiny moment of choice I allowed memories of ‘pizza equals fun’ to win, and my reward was decided.

    Did I get what I wanted? No – but I got what I was focused on.

    What I want is to lose 30 lbs and feel vibrant and energetic! (Note to self: next time I see pizza, remember how I felt afterwards – not before – and ask “Is that how I really want to feel?!”)

    Conjure up your vision of success and what that looks like, and what that feels like – and make a choice in line with that. The feeling of increased energy, the feeling of accomplishment, the feeling of looking your best….whatever that feeling of success is – make a choice in line with that.

    After all, feelings of success are way better than feelings of pizza!