• HOW TO (end the ‘blame game’ and) MAKE AFFIRMATIONS WORK

    If your contracting business isn’t as successful as you would like it to be, what’s holding you back? You might blame it on a lack of capital, a lack of great employees, a lack of time, a lack of inventory, a lack of … whatever. But how many of us would take ultimate responsibility and trace our results back to how we are thinking?

    So how about we stop making excuses, dig a bit deeper into our thinking and see how we can make positive affirmations work for you and your business?!

    An affirmation by definition is an act or statement asserting the existence or truth about something. Most of us think about an affirmation as something we say out loud to ourselves, but it also occurs subconsciously in our deepest thoughts as directed by our belief system, or the things we hold to be true.

    An ancient proverb states, “Thoughts are things. As you think, so you become.” Every thought you think and every word you say affirms your true beliefs. All of our self-talk or inner dialogue is a part of a stream of consciousness that drives our feelings and emotions as it creates our life experience in every moment. Beliefs are just learned thought patterns that we have developed since childhood. They may or may not be true – but they are true for us. To be truly empowered, we must take responsibility for knowing what they are and the direction they are taking us in.

    Many people have been taught to change their behaviour by using positive affirmations to reinforce a behavior they want. Be careful not to assume this will work without looking more deeply for the patterns that reveal your true beliefs. Without being aware of the real belief that is driving your behavior, your results will never really change – and if they do, they won’t stick.

    Here’s a very simple example of how this works. Let’s say you are mad at the economy for going off the rails and causing your sales to drop. Ask yourself what it is about the economy that is making you mad? You might think, because people don’t have enough money to buy my products. Then ask yourself, is that the real reason? After a little soul searching you realize it’s really because you don’t know how to properly market your product in this new economy, and that is because deep down you believe you aren’t smart enough.

    Creating an affirmation that says – “I am a world class marketing wizard” and reciting it to yourself with passion every day in front of the mirror will not change your reality. Only by raising your awareness first around the dis-empowering belief “I am not smart enough” and taking steps to replace it, can you really effect lasting change. This will allow you to make the necessary decisions and take the required actions to move yourself forward and stay there.

    Positive affirmations can help you to transform your life, but only in concert with making correct shifts in your real beliefs.