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While our main focus is on providing training and resources exclusively to our members, we do offer some free resources and occasionally make select training programs available on a rotating basis to non-members to purchase (sometimes at a significantly reduced sale price). That’s what we have here on this training page!

These contractor training programs and free resources are ideal for all residential home builders and general contractors.

Control The Chaos - SALE $9.99

If you’re extremely skilled in your trade but don’t have a lot of actual business education/experience, and as a result things are pretty chaotic as you struggle with trying to keep up with all the day-to-day demands of running a business…then this 6-week program is exactly what you need.

Includes videos, six lessons, PLUS – during this sale period, your purchase comes with a free 90-minute strategy session with Best Contractor Coach, Clint Best!

Crank Up The $$ Machine - $499

You need only do a little online research to see that the world of marketing can seem intimidating and overwhelming. But listen up – it does not have to be complicated or hard. You can master the most critical marketing basics and use these new skills to attract new customers and really CRANK UP your money machine!  That’s the purpose of this 8-week program. If you run your own business but need help reaching and attracting new clients – this simple, short course is all you need.

Includes 8 lessons with introductory and wrap-up videos to support your learning.


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