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Are you great at what you do, but struggle with running your building contractor or specialty trades business in a way that is fun, rewarding and profitable? Best Contractor Coach, led by Clint Best, is a community and set of tools and resources designed specifically for contractors like you.

If you want to learn how to get better control of your time, build an exceptional and dedicated team, and develop your money-making systems….If you’re working too hard and you want to break through to the next level….then Best Contractor Coach is for you.

Work with the best, and you’ll get the best!

The Best Contractor Coach Philosophy is Simple




When you know how to invest your TIME in the right priorities, build a high performance TEAM, and manage your MONEY-making systems, you will have all the tools necessary to rapidly grow your business to be the contracting business you dream of and deserve. All of our training materials and resources are designed to help you with these three elements – and have been developed using cutting-edge proprietary strategies and tools.

Get ready for more money, more freedom, and more meaning in your life!

Here at Best Contractor Coach, we work hard so that one day you won’t have to.


A client of Clint’s since 2003, Gord says the single greatest return he’s gotten from the program is his life back.

“I was probably working 60 hours a week for years and years. I just thought that’s the way it was supposed to be when you had your own business. That changed a long time ago thanks in large part to Clint and his Best Contractor Coach program. Over the years, we’ve tripled our staff, increased our revenue ten times, and now the business can basically take care of itself, leaving me less stressed and free to enjoy my family and life in general a lot more! The best piece of advice I can offer is to just do it. Get in the program. Don’t look at it as an expense – but as an investment. The outcomes and improvements to our business has paid for the investment in Clint time and time again. This program absolutely was and continues to be worth every dollar.”

Gord Turner,
Gord Turner Renovations Ltd.

“We received such solid guidance from Clint on how to move our company to that ‘next level’ – on staffing, budgeting, sales, management and more.  He taught us to be leaders rather than friends to our employees, and how to work on our business rather than ‘in’ our business. As a husband and wife team, we were able to solidify our roles to a much more efficient level. Our goal was to turn the business into a turn-key operation ready for sale, as we were looking ahead to retirement. We just didn’t have the expertise to do that – but fortunately we found Clint. He was instrumental in making our company saleable – and we did sell it in 2010 and are loving retirement! Clint is honest, sincere, has your best interest at heart…and he’s a lot of fun to work with! He knows his stuff.”

Jacqui Conroy,
Conroy Exteriors

“I met Clint at a business networking breakfast, and while I was impressed with what I saw in him – the idea of hiring a business coach seemed way too expensive. We were already having financial difficulties. If only I had signed on right then. Unfortunately, it took me to get to the point where things got really bad before I called him up to get some help. Smartest decision I could have made for my business. The Best Contractor Coach program literally turned things around. Clint helped me better understand my business and that was critical. I’m a cabinet maker, I don’t have a business degree. He taught me the nuts and bolts of business, and importantly, the format of his training allowed me to learn at a manageable pace that gave me the confidence to implement each piece as I progressed through the training week by week, and month by month. I’m no longer stressed out, I have a nice life – a manageable life – with time to do the things I enjoy outside of my trade.”

Will Brundula,
Heartland Millworks

“We did have reservations about working with a business coach. We had been in business for several years and didn’t know anyone who had used a coach, so we just weren’t sure what it would accomplish. He’s like a counselor, able to sit on the outside and make suggestions and give you the tools you need to make the business work right. He has never let us down. I certainly never thought we’d still be with him so many years later, but when you get consistent value and benefits and growth, it’s hard to give up. He always finds an avenue to improve the business and move us forward. When it comes to coaching, there’s no doubt a ton of people who talk a good game, but with Clint, he actually makes things happen.”

Carol Meise,
Cooper Medical Supplies

“I bought my company in 2016, and by 2018 we were going through some pretty difficult situations. The business needed a serious overhaul. Clint was referred to me and I’m so glad I followed up on it and signed on with his coaching program. From day one, his wisdom, his positive energy, and his expertise have been invaluable. He took us from a place of 20th Century thinking to 21st Century thinking – really helping us get out of a stuck place as a team to a place of success. He gave us the tools we needed to rebuild and move the company forward…and we still use those tools today. They’re power tools, and they’re powerful! They’re in our belt and whenever we need to use them we pull them out.  I highly recommend Clint Best. He’ll come into your company and have a seriously good impact and help your business succeed.”

David Miller,
Platinum Personnel


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